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Localized AR

Unbelievably true experience of the presence of virtuality transported, objects appearing argumented right in the ambiance of your surroundings

Clean code

Reality either real,virtual or argumented should not be cumbersome. We make every difficult task really easy by augmenting it with simply clean code.

Auto integration

Clean code & APIs make every really virtual or virtually real things to blend perfectly come alive on any browser interface.

Often people wakeup from nightmares, which are almost realistic and like true life experiences. Well during the course of a dream, one is psychologically and emotionally transferred into the scenario, so that it appears that as if the person has lived that moment of life. Virtual Reality can be equated to such emotion or psychological experience, wherein one get immersed into a virtual world without being aware of the physical world around him/her. Virtual Reality (VR) is often experienced through wearable or a set of gadgets like eye glasses and a set of gloves. They are next level of simulators, where you experience the world, which hasn’t physically existed around you. Computer / digital technology is used to create simulated environment with a difference by using a set of wearables instead of a screen in actual simulators. This makes the user’s view completely masked from external or physical world and make him/her immersed into the virtual world they see and experience. Virutal reality has it’s application not only into gaming, but also into flight simulation, driving tests and Military applications too. The cheap computing power and the drastic developments and research in this area of virtual reality has lead to the next step - called the Augmented reality (AR). Most of the online stores and e-commerce sites use AR technology to encourage their users to take a quick look at the products in their real-world appearance; and make a quick decision in buying a product.


While Virtual Reality Takes you into a Virtual World away from your Physical world, the Augmented Reality brings the virtual things into your real world. Yes you read it right. The virtual things are transported into your real world through this technology. To cite a few examples, most of the online fashion stores, furniture malls and the highly patronized online stores like lens kart etc use AR technology to verify a product suits your taste before it actually reaches you PHYSICALLY. The virtually Augment model can be blended with your physical background to verify if a spectacle frame suits your face or a piece of furniture suits to the ambiance of your drawing room – before you actually place an order for it.

Traditional VR used Head Mounted Displays or HMDs, which have evolved into lighter versions of eye glasses and further involvement into the virtual real world happened through use of other wearables like gloves and sensors. The VR has not only limited itself to user experience, but into films and animation too. Many players have already entered into the bandwagon of wearables and VR, like Google, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and the count is on. Though there are many players in the field, the seniors and the technologies will have their edge over others. For example, we can mention about Sony’s play station, where in the game of VR began. Almost till 2019 the best in VR were produced by Sony followed by Oculus and HTC. In 2019 Oculus entered the race with its Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, Oculus Go etc products; and HTC too started biting the Cake with its HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, HTC Cosmos etc headsets. Then the Samsung Gear, Google’s DayDream etc and so on… However one thing is for sure is there is a driving force - a software code that makes them work the way they make you feel. Here is where we have our role to play. We are into writing code or say develop necessary software for such varied areas of application of AR & VR. Every gadget can be used for multiple purposes, say a HMD can be used to view a movie or to play a game or to create an animation movie. A product in an online store can be brought virtually augmented into your physical world transported by your own Smartphone, whereby you can verify how good it suits your taste and the physical world. The applications of virtual reality and augmented reality are innumerable. It is into the field of Engineering, Industry and technology, medicine, Military applications – Automobiles to Aviation and to the Outer space too. It makes you to indulge yourself into any activity, you’d love to experience. It is the software that enables its specific function; it is those lines of professionally developed code that makes it worth. We are glad that we can make it to function the way it is expected to work.

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Combination of real and virtual worlds

Where the ambiance is such that you get to feel the reality in the virtual world. We make you feel it.


Real-time interaction

A well designed AR model coupled with a viewing system would immerse you into a world of real time interaction.


Tracking System-Interactivity Element

In an AR Model it is evident that every interactive element need to be tracked for the real time activity and cognitive responses.


Sensory Management System

As you know this aspect of AR is finding it’s path into prognosis and Health management of machines and men too..

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We are committed towards satisfaction of our clients. Which we do see as an invaluable and intangieable asset to our growth. It is not only the growth of client's bussiness but the client's growing satisfaction that matter to us