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Research and Analysis

Our key for successful Marketing strategy is encompassed into a indepth Reasearch & Analysis of products market trends.

Best Strategies

As our team spends considerable time in analysis and evaluation,the out come is the best strategy for your product.

Genuine Results

We are glad that our promotion often happens through testimonals of our existing clients,just because of the genuine results they get.

Digital Marketing

Today we are standing and living on the digital edge. Our business survival depends on how well we balance it. Everyone who maintains a balance on this digital edge progresses while the others repent of having not reached there. Marketing is no exception for survival on a digital platform. We got used to the word “Digital Marketing”. The truth is, today, digital marketing is less about “digital” and more about “marketing,” because digital marketing has come of age. Digital marketing uses different sources to promote services and products like SMS, email, social media, search engines, and mobile devices. Promoting one’s business using this method makes it a cost-effective means of marketing a brand, product or service promotion. At makers mind, our objective is to clear the confusion about the tactics that work and how to use them to grow your business. We stand aloof from those so-called gurus of digital markets, who claim that their page development of any business house is better than email marketing, digital advertising, or search engine optimization (SEO).
However, we understand the particularities of the digital world. Through appropriation for marketing we foster the development of channels, formats and languages that have led to tools and strategies that are unthinkable offline. Today, digital marketing has become a new phenomenon that brings together customization and mass distribution to accomplish marketing goals.


The ways we make a successful digital marketing platform are references for our own performance indicators. We measure our own metrics, and the terminology our expert team uses in developing your business content to maximize our own performance; which in turn is aimed to result in more profits to your business. Then the most important analysis we do is your client base and the level of their operations and importance. We create Awareness, and then involve them to be loyal to you by subscribing to your pages. Because we believe - A loyal customer is an asset to a company.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines often start / suggest the search words as you start typing the word for your search. Thus identifying what is most relevant (key words) to your business on search would enhance your chances of visibility in searches. As Google gets the major chunk of search engine activity; (figures indicate almost 92% of the search is done using Google) we take utmost care in identifying the key words that would bring your search criterion to the top of the list. Obviously by now you came to know that the blood of Digital marketing is the search engine optimization. We at makers mind, Best Design and Development Company with branches at Hyderabad and Kakinada are into the activity of SEO. We Provide SEO Optimization - Off-page and on-page strategies to build a plan that acts extremely effective; with an objective of longevity of the information and key words. We have a team that uses the best SEO tools, cares for every minute detail of your SEO campaign. By returning to the drawing board and analyzing your business peers website and examine the targeted market of your business by utilizing SEO Analysis. We make sure of the most relevant keywords which will have high potential for accessing your page. We also expertise in Online marketing by using these keywords efficiently on your website; including your web links, the main body and tags that play a very crucial role in making your website listed.

Social Media optimization

It is known to all of us, that most of the people tend to spare their leisure time browsing the social media like face book, instagram, twitter, linkdin etc. So if we can make our business appear on these platforms, it is obvious that we gain lot of mileage in our business queries. The queries in turn will result in enhance business. It is a powerful platform to pitch fork your businesses of all kinds. Good marketing strategies on social media can make a big difference in your business as well as making your brand click. A good representation of your business image creates not only curious customers, but also providing links to your website or order queries would help your business growth. We are very innovative in creating face book, twitter and other social media ads. At makes mind we meticulously plan the various steps included in SMM, like Content Planning, projection of your brand image, promotion of your content, tracking your business peers and linking your business pages. Despite of a comman name of social media, the users of Face book and the users of Instgram are different in their business and social strata. While majority are active on face book, few are active on Google plus. Users of Linkdin are more serious – minding their own business unlike users of Instagram, who fall into the casual and fancy category, who crave for attention. This necessitates a different strategy for each media handling, which our experts present ambidextrously. Marketing through e-mail is also yet another strategy in Digital Marketing. This is generally termed as a lunch time activity in digital marketing parlance. We hope you understand the reason why.


Pay per click (PPC)

PPC can be rather be termed as a paid campaign of your online business ad. We, at makes mind make best use of this innovative method of Google PPC advertising, where you pay only if a prospective customer visits your page rather than just browsing the details on line. With proper design and implementation the trivial fee we pay per click becomes more worthy than the amount of business it generates.. to cite an example – if you think you pay 8ps per click, which will redirect the user to your business site, where he does a purchase of Rs 800/-, don’t you think it is enough to compensate for at least next 10 to 20 casual visitors to your web page using the PPC ad? We include trails through which you can see a customer activity right from the time he is redirected to your page till he places and order or just leaves. This will invariably give us the best analysis of ROI. Google PPC is considered as the best search engine. During design of such content for Google advertisements, we consider various factors like target audience, language preferences, location and other advantage points. We are also extra cautious in selection of Keyword Relevance, Quality on the landing page and creativity in every aspect. A visibly good representation of details not only helps in improved business but also helps you build your statistical data for future analysis and readiness.

Content marketing

As we all agree that it’s not your product that can sell itself. It is about how well you project the product as useful to one that makes it sell. Your projection of your business is all about your success and ultimate rise in sales graph. We make the best possible content that is a complete showcase of your business with links that will hook your page references to search engine, like Google, Bing and other search engines. You should understand the present and the future of your business lies in the content you project on your digital media. Our strategy lies in developing the best content which becomes timeless and most relevant and valuable in projecting your business nature and the inventory. This would sure attract more attention and audience, generating in more leads and enhanced on line business. Irrespective of your business nature, the content must blend with the activity of your business – rather than standing apart. This is the first step, a prerequisite for a successful web page. It is the strategy and it is also the key – unlocking unexplored avenues of your business on digital platform. The various factors included into the content would lead to convert a visitor into a customer and a customer into a loyal client. An enquiry or a lead from a visitor would become an opportunity for Sale, thus a visitor would become a customer. A satisfied customer through the process of feedback mechanism like product ratings and reviews would help generating more visitors and leads. This is precisely how content quality forms the life line of all types of marketing activity.


Why Choose Us

Grow your Business with us


Search Engine Marketing

When you google for information you get a host of suggestions in fraction of second. We ensure your business is reflected in search.


Online advertising

Online advertising is yet another activity related to search. We ensure you get right return for every pay per click.


Online content and Blogging

We’ve dedicated teams which take care of all the key features of your business content and blog the reviews and ratings from users..


Social Media Management and Listening

We project your content on various platforms across social media networks and update your content as required for maximizing reach.

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