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Now Gaming is not confined to a child's play - but development is definitely an area of Expertise. Our team can meet any challenge in expertise.

Agile Methodologies

In this ever evolving scenario of digital Gaming, we are proud that our team are abreast with the latest technologies. Meeting dead lines - ignored as discussed.


Is the most important aspect of any successful design. This includes Software stack, UI/UX, testing and hosting.

Your journey to the world begins with your first step. Your learning about the world begins with fairy tales. Your fantasies and frustrations are realized through games. You learn to fight, you learn to win, your team working abilities, your attitude in accepting a defeat as a step to success – everything is in a game. Your ability to withstand unknown fears of facing the unexpected - begins as a game. Games now have a new classification apart from Indoor and Outdoor; it is virtual or digital games. Digital gaming, in brief called as Gaming is a million dollar Industry today. Many companies are joining the bandwagon of Gaming Development. Games have not only become part of our everyday life, but also they are no longer a secret hobby of some nerds. The acceptance for gaming is on rise. Every coin has two sides. There are people who argue that gaming is becoming addictive. May be it is a fact, if you look at the figures involved and the rise in companies engaged in Game development. Games are also becoming another platform for digital markets. Gaming devices, Home entertainment consoles and DVD player games, Mobile games, Online games, Virtual Communities and the list is endless..


At Makers Mind we’ve a team of game developers who are experts in executing all the steps involved in making a great game. Development of complex and community games involves mastering more than one art. Game design is a creative process of developing a game concept, its core elements and structure. Includes – art work – story – playability, the game realization can be restricted to paper. Game design does not require any programming skill as it is more imagination and intuitive in nature. Then comes the Programming part. This refers to the process of actually coding a game. It consists of – making a perfect project plan for the realization of a game idea – actually programming the game elements which might include – programming of a game engine – implementing the game assets and interaction on an existing game engine. The most important part of development is the time it consumes. Now this aspect has been overcome by using comfortable scripting tools, APIs and a wide set of features including networking, editors to display shades and several more to assist the programmer towards quick realization of a game story. Right from story to the levels of complexity to the rewards - Be assured of the best of the effects in gaming. We develop games for all types of platforms, not only for gaming consoles but also for Mobile devices too. If you have an Idea, which you want to convert into a game, then we are here to make it possible. The limits are only in your imagination, but not in realization of it at Makes Mind. We offer end to end solutions in gaming. Design, Development, Deployment, Support and Maintenance. You name it – we have it. The most used devises in playing a game have shifted from computers to consoles to laptops and Mobiles. Mobiles are pocket friendly in all aspects like not only low on budget but also portable, with good quality of audio and video responses and often provides privacy to user (with plugs)– as well as no disturbance to the people around. Precisely this is the reason gaming on mobile devices is on rise as against the rise of gaming and real time games in early 80s to early 21st century. Makers Mind being a company of 21st century geeks, with adequate skill sets – set out for Gaming not only as a passion but also as a profession, are promising you to deliver the best of the rewards in game development. We know A great game design is the key for a great game. It demands for an expertise in technical implementation too. The goal of any game is to provide entertainment and satisfaction to gamer. The interaction often referred as gameplay has to be fun. Neither Technology nor Imagination alone can provide the fun and longevity in a game.

Apple has establishing itself into various countries and domains with its wide range of products from laptops to ipads and iphones. The OS on these devices has its own queuing and pipelining architecture, with stringent security constraints. This demand for an entirely different approach while developing an application or a game for devices using iOS. Our team at Makers Mind is experts of this aspect. Makers mind technologies has designed monumental iOS games for iPhones and iPads which are classified as Gesture games, friendly games, trivia, Academic and reasoning. We’ve also developed games for Brain coaching, Mysterious and Sports. The multiplayer environment includes Massively multiplayer on line (MMO, Role playing Games (RPG), Massively Multiplayer on line Role playing games (MMORPGs), Real time strategic games (RTG)apart from Table top Games and Online board games and card games. MMORPG are role-playing games with a strong social component. Other players add liveliness to the online world, which no AI can provide. MMORPG require an intense time engagement. Player lives an alternate plane of reality. Many of the games we developed have featured on iStore (app). It is not everyone’s domain, because of the iStore’s stringent policies in allowing apps to exist and download. We will make sure your app receives acceptance at iStore, which has rigorous Compliance guidelines. Games for Android OS – Everybody is familiar about the popularity of the Android OS. This is the most widely used OS on the Mobile handsets and Tablet PCs. The flexibility and well- organized methodology of the Android system has made its software interactive with lots of new features which help it to become more beneficial and crucial in handling games. It is the most flexible user interface which can be customized replica watches paypal as per the user convenience. Makers mind developers are engaged into developing a whole range of the above mentioned games for Android OS too. Game applications on Android – due to its wide usage not only provide entertainment, but also provide income for those launching the game as well as gamers. Within a short span of time billions of devices and people have adopted to Android OS.

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Role-Playing Opportunities

With proper design and logic these models may help in training children as well as employees towards accomplishing a task or to just motivate.


A Wide Variety to Select From

The options to develop games are many, right from childrens learning to fun games to that of motivational games, role playing and team playuing, network games.


Cognitive Response

Is all about learned reflexes, and anticipated reactions. This involves implementing predictive logic and at times AI tools too


Cost and Optimal Accessibility

A game may have a single player or multiplayer or sometimes the players across WAN. Providing solutions for such complexity is forte.

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We are committed towards satisfaction of our clients. Which we do see as an invaluable and intangieable asset to our growth. It is not only the growth of client's bussiness but the client's growing satisfaction that matter to us