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It is all about confidentiality of information and business, protocols and strategies to protect a application.

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Is the most important aspect of any successful design. This includes Software stack, UI/UX, testing and hosting.

Mobile App Development Services

The world is moving fast. Everything happens on move. Dynamism and Mobility are the most sought after, not only in human, but also in gadgets. People have moved from PCs to laptops and then to connectivity on move. In simple terms people are interested carrying their businesses or offices wherever they go. That necessitates us to explore better devices with higher processing speeds and storage capacities. Not only the devices, the interfaces and the applications too need to accommodate the new functionality which minimizes not only in memory use as well as display size. People get an easy go because of their user friendly interface. The mobile hardware is evolving at an inexplicable rate. So is the requirement for development of user interface or in short mobile Apps. Gone were the days where e-commerce was limited to computers. Mobile apps are meant to bring the virtual world and business to your finger tips; literally. This provides the easy and on the move solutions to the user. This has no limitations - So if a business man thinks of expanding the horizons of his business, he must think of an app for better reach of his business to the world on move.


Now a day’s every e-commerce site and every mail application has their own Mobile App, apart from social media sites. The domain of mobile apps is ever expanding. This necessitates growth of umpteen companies into developing mobile apps. We at Makers Mind believe that we are here to be the game changers. We are aiming not only to develop the best User Interface but also working on code optimization and alternate technologies, which may lead to better user interaction and faster response.
Mobile App development is limited not only knowing the design and coding. It also demands for creativity and crave for excellence in presentation of the content. Various technologies available make this magic happen. Of late even the types of Mobile Operating Systems and their versions too are on increase. Each of them has their own security constraints and routines in memory and display management, which makes app development even trickier than the routine business web development.We have a team of mobile app developers with vast experience, proficient in numerous programming languages and coding, with in depth knowledge of Operating System’s functionality. We aim to develop Mobile apps that work across a wide range of networks and devices, but also work seamlessly. Our experts in app development can make your business to soar higher. Our team comprises of talented young professionals who are eager to showcase their skills to our clients. These factors make makersmind the best choice among our customers and positioned us first among the Mobile apps development companies. With comprehensive knowledge of APIs and coding languages, understanding of features associated with different operating systems, we provide customized apps which feature in App Store. We are concurrent in updating our skill sets with evolving technologies. Our website and mobile app development fits a range of companies irrespective of how varied is the size of organization, business requirements, and budget. We have developed mobile apps for different types of industries such as education, healthcare, retail, ecommerce, finance, etc. We differ from other mobile app development companies in our customer orientation to provide excellent end product.


Android App Development Services

In present era Android is the operating system used on 70 percent of Smart phones. Thus app development for Android has become a pre-requisite to all sorts of businesses. A Customized app developed for Android can do wonders to your business. It is estimated that there are nearly 800 million people globally using Android apps and the count is on rise. This is means a perfect app can win at least few thousands as your clients forever. We are eager to visualize your idea into a game-changing app. Our expert team of full-stack developers for Android apps has in-depth knowledge of Java, XML, JSON, Kotlin, and Android framework. Our team also harnesses various Android features including Google’s powerful suite of tools. They proficiently execute extended functionalities with countless Java software libraries that make them create apps with a difference. Our team develops top-notch utility apps, which are user friendly at an affordable cost. Our team makes best support of software that includes debuggers, external libraries, database management systems, which doesn’t only add dynamic features to the application but also makes it exciting and interesting to the end user. In Android application development framework we use additional tools like 2D and 3D graphics, C, C++, GE support, APIs, GPS enabled services. We believe in long lasting customer relationships and have a customer-centric approach for App design and development which resolves business challenges, increase revenue, to our clients While Android devices are growing; businesses across the globe are also equally growing and diversifying.

Businesses houses are trying to use this popularity to gain business advantage by developing and deploying apps for customers. Android apps have a high probability of reach to every customer on move and work uninterrupted across all devices. Our team of Android app developers can easily convert your business idea into a real-time app. They are flexible, committed, and punctual in their tasks while also meeting all the technical and business requirements. Makers mind has developed many high-quality apps that have exceeded client expectations and yielded significant profit. Our technical expertise lies in all important tools like Android Studio, Jenkins, GitHub, Java, Jira, etc.

ios App Development Services

We are into iOS app development too. We make tailored solutions for across an array of iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iWatch. We develop these apps using Swift which is considered the golden standard in developping iOS based apps. We optimize our apps for the App Store, and facilitate easy downloads and installations. Our team observes best work ethics and obtain feedback from submissions which helps us ensure that every app we develop gets noticed on the App Store. iPhone is a high-end mobile device of high-quality, used by majority of high end mobile users internationally. iOS users mainly focus on enriched services that appear a class apart. It is obvious that a business app for iOS users or an advanced version of your existing business app on Android may enhance the probability of your profits. The iOS based apps we have developed have yielded success to our clients in surpassing the target customers and enhanced profits. Makers mind is a superlative iOS app development company offering wonderful and dynamic iPhone application development / improvement services for businesses all over the world. We have skillful UI and UX designers and developers who have sufficient expertise in handling all sorts of challenging scenarios. They are experts in iOS app architecture, design, development, and also on various tools involved in iOS app development. We have worked with iOS SDK, XCode IDE, Objective C/C++, SQL DB, Core Audio, graphics and animation, Web Kit programming, Core location, and GPS Framework, and many more.


React Native Development Services

Face book uses a different platform know as React native, which is an open-source mobile app development framework. This is a big cross-platform tool for apps on Face book. This means that apps built on this platform are equally compatible with IOS and Android systems. They differ from native apps in a way that can install for one particular system only. We have other technologies also for cross-platform app. But React has proven miraculous in filling the gap between native and hybrid apps.
Our team provides highly intelligent & refined solutions that can range from customer support, e-commerce, delivery services to healthcare, and entertainment. We personalize your bots based on your requirements. This delivers an unique architecture for your chat applications. We offer comprehensive chat bots, implementing our knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, providing solutions for platforms like Facebook, Twitter. etc,

Custom App Development Services

Custom application refers to tailor made solutions. Which are meant for you and only you, unlike off the desk solutions – which makes you lost in the crowd. We at Makers mind offer an extensive range of custom application development services to help organizations to explore their potential and enhanced customer and partner experience. We believe each of our client has his/her business needs as unique as his business and his/ her client base


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Our apps have simple and stylish design, which any novice would embrace with ease. This reduces the app size and a result in more downloads.


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Evolution of app development is never ending and so is our quest for catching up with technologies and details in app development


Cross Platform Coverage

While we develop apps for a specific platform, we are also masters in apps that function over wide variety of platforms.


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Our primary objective is to ensure your app is unique among the apps developed for similar business / industry needs.

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