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Secure Development

It is all about confidentiality of information and business, protocols and strategies to protect a website .

Meeting Deadlines

We understand your urgency and act to deliver the product to meet your expectations of business and budget


Is the most important aspect of any successful design. This includes Software stack, UI/UX, testing and hosting.

Web Development Services

Well to begin with – what is common to spiders and human? The straight forward answer is WEB. Whether it is a cobweb or a World Wide Web.. Though we robbed the concept of Web from Spiders, no one likes cobwebs; We clean cobwebs and make them homeless. We feel breathless without World Wide Web and it’s connectivity. What an irony; Yes, life is so, in this digital world.
Syllogisms apart - When we say web, we mean the digital web; which bring the world to your finger tips - literally we mean, at your finger tips. What is the next uncommon activity between spiders and human in creating a web? It is the skill set - while spiders inherit a it, humans need to learn and perfect the art. Remember learning and acquisition of skill then attaining perfection is not everyone’s piece of cake. Precisely this is where we as web developing professionals stand out.The quest for Precision and Perfection never ends at Makers Mind . before you learn about our capacity and competence in web development. We believe in the Concept of Circle of Knowledge and periphery of ignorance.


That’s why we are different and are not limited to provide a specific section of web development. While even most of the established companies hesitate to venture into new areas of development, we are eager to explore the new possibilities and deliver promises made. That is how we have such a diversified client base. We are happy about having done it even without having incorporated ourselves (the team) as a company. Of late we’ve incorporated ourselves as a registered company, a legal entity. Our services and commitment to our prospective and existing clients has become more dependable and reliable. We understand our clients in two gross categories, the business class and the expert class. The business class is not worried about the nuances of the development. They are worried about their client interfaces and the ultimate outcome of business generated through their digital interface. Whereas the expert class is those who are interested in every minute detail of a successful and a pleasant user interface and user experience. We treat both of them as one. We care for all those intricate details for what our clients don’t care or bother about. Like the budget and the user response to a site after hosting it on the web servers. Because, we believe it is not only important to know your client; but also their client base is equally important for success of a successful business web site. We believe not only ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’, but also the most valuable aspect of making it possible - THE TIME - the most invaluable asset that matters the most to all of us. We value our client’s requirements and his schedules. However before we could present a pleasant user interface to their clients, we ensure we know all the requirements and expectations of our client from us. We study his current business model and how aptly they; as well as their clients can adapt to the digital environment. What are the technologies we can use in visualizing his/her business needs on a digital platform?.. Etc, before we get into the process of project development and implementation. We’ve experts right from HTML to the Server end applications. We’ve maintenance experts, from network maintenance to data administration. We analyze the requirements, environments, available and alternate technologies before we commence our plan of action in visualizing the digital model of the business. We realize their digital dream; without any inconvenience to their client base. We believe knowing the client’s client base too is equally important in the development of a successful digital model of a business entity.

Development – is a single word, having inexplicable depth. Development is never ending, it is rather evolving. Everybody tries to convince we’re the best in a competitive environment. However, it is rather confusing and often misleading for a genuine user. A user goes by the credentials of a developer. Often a proven track record is taken as yard stick for measuring success (Where they pay more towards goodwill charges rather than for the work done - Novices are not preferred even if they are competent enough and highly professional). A clever user who can differentiate the competence over the brand name – not only saves his most invaluable asset – the time; but also saves on budget too. Established firms won’t bother providing tailor made solutions to each and every individual client; whereas for real professionals every client is invaluable asset. The web has evolved a long way through viewing, downloading, fun and entertainment to personalization, news and infotainment to e-commerce. So are the devices in use, PCs to Laptops to - Tabs to Smart phones, and joining them are the Android TVs too. In this age of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, development is evolving in real time. It is making its presence felt in our living rooms too. You can feel them through Web TVs, OTTs. The Process as well as the platforms perfect replica watches are getting complicated. We keep ourselves abreast with evolving technologies and the gadgets. We are also evolving as the gadgets and the processes – like an unending saga of Information and interaction. Our drive for expertise too is un-ending. We’ve experts in coding and documentation to graphics and data analytics; from financial services to business development – we’re on a continuous journey of acquisition of expertise. Diversification in nature of client’s work demands for specialist approach, while we need a holistic approach in project execution.

Why Choose Us

Grow your Business with us


High Performance

We belive performance is all about rapid loading and appeal. The design must be classy – yet with stunning performance.


Cross-browser Platform

We ensure compatibility of content and media developed on a business model across various browser interfaces would be the best of the class.


SEO friendly

We develop your content embedded with key words to reflect in maximum of search. This maximizes queries through Search Engine Optimization.



We ensure our process of development is error-free by stringent testing and prototyping the page before and after hosting it.

What Client Speaks

Our Client opinion matters a lot

We are committed towards satisfaction of our clients. Which we do see as an invaluable and intangieable asset to our growth. It is not only the growth of client's bussiness but the client's growing satisfaction that matter to us