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Course Preview

Digital Marketing Training

A training is aimed to orient a person towards aquiring professional skills related to a particual work. It is more about making an unskilled person into a professional. So, if you are aspiring to be a professional and willing to work for an earliest opportunity, we suggest you should take a look at the trainings we offer. We are offering trainings in the most upcoming and ever demanding field of Web Development and Digital Marketing apart from Graphics and Animation. As it is mentioned earlier Our aim is to shape up next generation professionals in the area of frankgohlke.com web development and digital marketing. And graphics and animation are for those who are born with creative and artistic skills, We believe that even a gold plate nees to be designed exquisitely to enhance it’s value. So is the case of those born artists – who are seeking to explore the digital jungle.


Key Features

Training & learning

Learning is a life time process to acquire knowledge. A training makes you confident and professional with respect to a particualr field of activity.

Training and professionalism

Training aims to prepare one towards aquiring skillset related to a particular activity, which when practiced over a period of time would lead to professionalism

Inherent and Acquired skills

While fine arts like drawing, painting, singing are often inherent other skills like engineering and other logical skills are acquired trhough trainings

Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.
Fundamentals of Digital marketing

Basics of Internet

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Understanding Basics of HTML

What is Keywords

Research of keywords With Google Planner

How to select Domain Name?

Naming of Pages and Folder

How to use pictures for Digital Marketing


Understanding search engine algorithms

How do search engine algorithms work.

Penalties and recoveries of search engine.

Why a search engines needs to be updated ?

Reasons to get your website penalized.

How to get your site optimized of google’s hummingbird algorithm ?

What is panda and penguin algorithms ?

What is google’s emd updates?

Recovery of your site from panda , penguin and emd ?

Page Speed Ranking Signals & Core Web Vital


What is SEO?

Types of SEO?

What is google algorithms

Blended SEO

Tools: OSE & Ahrefs

On page optimization

What is on-page?

What is keywords?

What is tags?

How to use title tag?

Length of tags

What is meta tags, meta description?

How to use meta tag?

Usage of header tags (h1 to h6)

What is anchor tag? Where we use it?

Check Charset encoding information


Canonical links

Rich snippet

Page content

Page quality

What is user-friendly and responsive website?

Links of social media icons

Adding of robots.txt

What is google analytics?

How to link google analytics

Xml sitemap creation

What is alexa rank?

Off page optimization

Link building

Using classified for inbound traffic

What is backlink?

How to use backlink?

Who is linking to us? Fixing bad links

What is PA and DA?

Do-follow vs no-follow

Page ranking

Article Sumission

Blog Writing

Guest blogging

Micro Blogging

Directory submission

Listing in Business sites

PPT submission

Link Submission

Social bookmarking

Image/Infographic submission

Video submission

Review and comment writing

Mobile SEO

Responsive Design

User Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Similar URLs as to your Desktops

Avoid common mistakes

Configure for other devices.


What is SMM

Importance of SMM


What type of accounts to concentrate?

What is google Adsense

Email Marketing

Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing software

Email marketing goals

Intro to mailchimp

Strategy of email marketing

HTML Email

Email Tracking

Inbound Marketing

Google Adsense

Google Analytics

Traffic Report

Audience Report

Affiliate Marketing

What is AM?

How it works

How to find a good niche

Top networks on affiliate marketing

Payment models in AM

AM in E-commerce

Apply to AMf

Promotion of AM products

Methods of Promotion

Reports and ROI

Conversion tracking

What is the conversion

Process and Funnel

Types of conversion

Conversion Reports

Funnel visualization

Multi-channel funnel



Insta marketing

Insta account creation

Analyze brands

Strategy of Instagram

Picture dimension

Filters in Instagram

Pinterest marketing

Usage of pinterest

How brands use pinterest

Customize profile

Pins and links

Boards in pinterest

Using info graphics

Integration of pinterest in site

Tool for pinterest

Facebook marketing

From objectives to roi.

Competitive research & analysis

Audience targeting

Bidding Strategies

Remarketing Strategy

Strategy presentation by participants

Types of fb ads

Fb ads vs google adds

Importance of ctr ( click through rate)

Targeting & optimizing copy of your ad

Live fb communities

Community building on fb

Fb brand page orientation

Edgerank algorithm

what is importance of engaging targeted audience on fb ?

Creating brand ambassadors on fb

Leveraging fb insights for success

Fb marketing success stories

Twitter marketing

Benefits of Twitter

How brands use Twitter

Profile Creation and customizing

Types of tweets and statistics

Content strategy for twitter

Analysis of big brands

What is hashtags

Tools for twitter marketing

Twitter analytics

Twitter Strategy

Twitter campaigns

Pr on twitter

Engaging customer through leadership

Leaveraging lists

Youtube marketing

Creation of channel

Statistics of video marketing

Viral video examples

How to optimize a video

You tube engagement metrics

Increasing subscribers

Annotation and cards

Usage of playlist

Understanding copyrights

How to MailChimp statistics

Linkedin marketing

Linked in leveraging for B2B

Overview of linked in

Lead generation through individual profiles

Lead generation for enterprise, company page , ads , Strategy, groups

Profile makeover, answer , groups , status update recommendation

Open discussion on approach to leverage them

Roi measurement framework

Roi metrics dashboard creation

Roi measuring tools

Key competence


What is ORM?(online reputation management)

Why ORM?

Examples of ORM

Areas to Google in ORM

Generating report for ORM

Monitoring of Search result

Monitoring of complaint sites

Monitor sites and blogs

Case study

Tools for managing reputation

PPC Training Introduction

PPC Account Setup

Google AdWords

Yahoo Search Marketing

Set-up PPC Campaign

PPC campaign Navigation

Use My Client Centre (MCC)

What is “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs)

What is Impression?

What is Conversion?

What is “Cost/Conversion”?

How to increase CTR & Conversion

What is Tracking Code?

How to do Keyword Research for PPC

What is Keyword Research?

Research PPC Keywords

Select Targeted/related Keywords

Analyze Competitors keywords

Find Keywords popularity & Search Volume

Categorize Keywords in Ad groups

PPC Keywords tools and resources

How to Create Ads for PPC Campaigns

Create Effective Ads Ad groups

Bids Management in PPC

What is bidding?

What is Quality Score?

How Quality Score Effect on Bids?

How to Increase Position on Search?

Bid for Ad position

Importance of bidding techniques

How important is Landing Page for PPC

What is Landing Page?

Important of Landing Page

Optimize your landing pages

How to Increase conversion rates

Use ‘Calls to Action’


PPC reporting structure

Campaign Performance Reports

Keywords Performance Reports

Ad group Performance Reports

Ads Performance Reports

PPC Campaigns Tools

Google AdWords Tool

Web Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Web Master tool


Google Forms

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