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Graphic design
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Course Preview

Graphic design Training

We at Makers mind are always in search of more talent, and Training is another way of aquiring talented people. Yes we belive that training is not only about learning something else, but it is more about transforming yourself into a professional. Life is a continuous process of learning and re-orienting ourselves to the chaning scenarios. The simple difference between learning and training is, while learning makes your knowledge grow; traning makes your confidence to grow with respect to a particular activity. A training is aimed to orient a person towards aquiring professional skills related to a particual work. It is more about making an unskilled person into a professional. So, if you are aspiring to be a professional and willing to work for an earliest opportunity, we suggest you should take a look at the trainings we offer. We are offering trainings in the most upcoming and ever demanding field of Web Development and Digital Marketing apart from Graphics and Animation. As it is mentioned earlier Our aim is to shape up best swiss replica watches next generation professionals in the area of web development and digital marketing. And graphics and animation are for those who are born with creative and artistic skills, We believe that even a gold plate nees to be designed exquisitely to enhance it’s value. So is the case of those born artists – who are seeking to explore the digital jungle.


Key Features

Training & learning

Learning is a life time process to acquire knowledge. A training makes you confident and professional with respect to a particualr field of activity.

Training and professionalism

Training aims to prepare one towards aquiring skillset related to a particular activity, which when practiced over a period of time would lead to professionalism

Inherent and Acquired skills

While fine arts like drawing, painting, singing are often inherent other skills like engineering and other logical skills are acquired trhough trainings

Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.
Fundamentals of Graphic design

Concepts of design

Image editing

Layout designing


Logo designing

Printing concepts

UI/UX concepts

Branding & Advertising Concepts

Packing design

Test on learned topics

tools & platforms
  • after-effects-graphic-design-tools
  • adobe-graphic-design
  • photoshop-graphic-design-tools
  • adobe-premier-graphic-design-tools
  • cut-pro-graphic-design-tools
  • corel-draw-graphic-design-tools